What Employees Wish For in a Healthy Working Environment?

One:     To know exactly what is expected of them in all aspects of performance (financial, operational, interpersonal & transactional)

Two:     That their Team Leader and their co-workers genuinely seem to care about them as a person.

Three: There is someone at work who encourages their professional-personal growth and development.

Four:     In the last 6 months someone at work has talked to them about their performance and their progress towards achieving all aspects of performance goals      and objectives

Five:     That they have all the materials, resources, tools and equipment they need  to do their work right, on time and on budget

And Here is What Employees Perceive to be Missing in Their Working Environment?

One:       They do not have someone they consider to be a friend, even a best friend or someone who cares about them on personal level.

Two:      They do not receive recognition or praise for good work at least once per week.

Three:   They perceive that their opinion about just about anything related to the work environment, the work processes themselves or the work they perform does                   not seem to matter.

Four:     Over the last year they have not been provided formal or informal opportunities to learn and grow.

Five:      In the last six months, nobody has sat down in a formal session and talked to them about their overall performance and progress related to any goals and                   objectives