Attributes of a Service Consultant 

Attributes of a Service Team Leader 

Consumer Protection Act & Motor Vehicle Repair Act and Requirements 

Manufacturer’s Policies and Procedures 

Values to Live and Work By 

Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council Code of Ethics

Canadian Automobile Dealers Association Code of Ethics

What’s In it for ME (WIIFM)

Six Principles of Loyal Long Term & Profitable Clients

Who are Your Customers?

Meeting Customer Expectations

Level of Service

Customer Expectations vs Level of Service

Nine Step Service Consultation Process 

Telephone Call & Customer Handling Skills

Telephone Reservation Interview

Welcome Greeting & Reception

Confirming Interview

Creating the Perfect Work Order

Options, Priorities & Actions

Communication & Authorization, customer and internal shop

Active Vehicle Re-Delivery

Customer Follow-up

Selling Service

Manufacturer’s Recommended Warranty Maintenance

Dealer Experience Based Recommended Maintenance

Escalated Customer Concern Resolution Process

Warranty, Goodwill and Policy Determination Process

Vehicle Condition Sound Descriptions

Specific Customer Concern Troubleshooting & Documentation



Differentials, final drives and axles

Noise, Vibration, Harshness (NVH)

Service Department Standard Operating Procedures

Financial Requirements

Operating Profit

Controllable Net Profit

Gross Profit Retention

Labour Sales Mix

Gross Profit

Sublet Gross Profit

Fixed Overhead Absorption

Service Department Coverage

Annual Labour Sales per Active Customer

Additional Required Service Closing Ratio

Effective Labour Rate

Service, Parts, Accessories & Body Shop Receivables

Warranty Receivables

Sublet Repairs Inventory

Work in Progress

Productivity Requirements

Repair Orders Written per Service Consultant

Number of Technicians per Service Consultant

Technician Efficiency

Technician Productivity


Number of Repair Orders per Technician

Facility Utilization

Productive Employees Rating

Stalls per technician

Expense Requirements

Total Service Department Expenses




Owners Compensation

Team Leader Compensation

Employee Benefits

Company Vehicle Expense

Office Supplies & Stationary Expense

Other Supplies & Tools Expense

Advertising Expense

Policy Expense

Outside Services Expense

Laundry & Uniform Expense

Travel & Entertainment Expense

Membership Dues & Publications Expense

Legal & Auditing Expense

Communications Technology Expense

Courier & Postage Expense

Team Training & Development Expense

Miscellaneous Expense

Total Fixed Expense