Great Team Leaders provide actionable positive constructive feedback that helps their team members improve their performance.

Great Team Leaders do not “micromanage” their teams work by getting involved in the day to day or hour to hour details that should be handled at other levels.

Great Team Leaders shows consideration for their team members as people first.

Great Team Leader’s actions demonstrate that they value the unique perspective, skills, abilities and experience that each team member brings to the team, even if it is different from their own.

Great Team Leaders keep the team focused on top priority results and deliverables.

Great Team Leaders regularly share specific and relevant information from higher level and senior leaders.

Great Team Leaders have meaningful discussions with each individual team member about career development every six months or less.

Great Team Leaders communicates clear goals to their teams and review them in a consistent disciplined manner.

Great Team Leaders possess the requisite technical expertise required to effectively manage their teams.

Great Team Leaders receive commendations from their teams as well as referrals to other potential team members.

Great Team Leaders receive approval of their overall performance and usually have happy and satisfied team members.

Great Team Leaders are open and receptive to comments, feedback and recommendations about their overall performance.