Key Learning Objectives

      Workshop Goals

      Workshop Schedule

      Appropriate Housekeeping Behaviours

      Workshop Material Requirements

      Financial Statements

      The Profit Formula

      Current Status Testing 

Seven Step Process to Profit Improvement

    Key Learning Objectives

      Team Leader Roles & Responsibilities

      Continuous Improvement Modelling

      Benefits of Plan Do Check Act (PDCA)

      Seven Steps to Profit Improvement

      Seven Step Worksheet

      Review & Conclusions 

Opportunities for Profit

    Key Learning Objectives

      Signs & Symptoms of Retail Facility Financial Health

      Financial Analysis Tools & Resources

      Comparisons & Benchmarks

      Additional Profit Opportunities

      Review & Conclusions

 Maximizing Service Sales

    Key Learning Objectives

      Maximizing Sales Aspects

      Sales Trend & Sale Mix Analysis

      Seasonal & Yearly Trend Analysis

      Pricing & Labour Rate Management

      Service Consultant Performance 

      Tim’s Top Tips on Service Sales

      Technician Time Inventory Management

      Technician Impact Analysis

      Efficiency, Effectiveness & Productivity Improvement

      Shop Capacity Analysis

      Facility Potential & Utilization Analysis

Technician Efficiency, Productivity & Facility Potential Improvement

Full Facility Utilization

Client Pay Labour Sales Improvement

Sales per Work Order Daily Improvement Activities

Goal Setting for Client Sales, Work Order Count & Hours per Work Order

Marketing Ideas to The Three Client Types

Maximizing Service Sales

Tire Sales Impact on Parts & Service

Sales & Market Share Activities

Review & Conclusions

 Minimizing Cost of Sales

    Key Learning Objectives

      Gross Profit Improvement

      Cost of Sale Analysis

      Gross Profit Trend Analysis

      Effective Labour Cost & Target Labour Cost Analysis

      Technician Average Wage by Skill Group Analysis

      Technician Skill Level Mix Leadership & Management

      Work Distribution Analysis & Improvement

      Appointment Reservation Considerations

      Creating Successful Technician Pay Plans

      Controlling Non-Productive Technician Time

      Cost of Sales Management

      Review & Conclusions 

Controlling Expenses

    Key Learning Objectives

      Importance of Expenses

      Return on Sales

      Total Expense & Major Expense Category Analysis

      Service Department Personnel Expenses

      Service Department Semi-Fixed Expenses

      Service Department Fixed Expenses

      Composite Expense Report

      Excellent Elements of Expense Control

      Expense of The Month

      Tim’s Top Tips on Specific Expense Account Control

      Expense Control Activities 

Case Study

    Key Learning Objectives

      Your Case Study

      Additional Service Department Information

      Work Order Audit Review

      Seven Step Worksheets 

Wrap Up

      Final Steps