Core Recreation Operations Analysis

Definitions & Interpretation of Facility Category Analysis Charts

January 2022


Aspect is any particular part or feature of an area or category of operation.

Impact Rating is based on a scale of 1 through 5.

One indicates the lowest impact and five being the greatest impact.

Impact referring to the overall importance this aspect has on a specific category of facility operation.

Positive (+)

An aspect that is placed in this column has been evaluated to have a positive constructive effect on the category and facility. It probably needs little to no change at this time and should be considered done or constructed properly. No changes are suggested at this time however must not be ignored.

Neutral (0)

Indicates the aspect is not helping nor hurting your facility operation. An aspect in this column should be viewed more closely for opportunities for improvement and movement over to the (+) column. Suggestions and recommendations may be written in the final report.

Negative (-)

Any aspect landing in this column is a designated priority area of improvement and remediation as it is having a negative impact on your operation in some way or another. Pay close attention to text regarding suggestions and recommendations for improvement in these areas.

Not Applicable (NA)

This aspect is not applicable to your facility or to the work currently under review. Disregard at this time.

Comments & Recommendations

This section will provide a brief note or two regarding the aspect. It will take the form of a simple directive to help improve the situation, a comment on what was observed or possibly a reference to further review and investigation into this aspect.

Refer to attached document for further details

Core Recreation Operation Analysis 2022