Components of 100% Service Client Satisfaction

Retail Facility

  • Honesty, Integrity & Trustworthiness
  • Convenient hours of operation
  • Competitive labour pricing (door rate)
  • Competitive parts pricing
  • Cleanliness & convenience of client lounge

 Tim’s Top Tips: 32%

Ease of Appointment/Check In Process

  • Professionalism & courtesy of service reception and service consultants
  • Convenience of appointment and accommodation capacity
  • Understanding of service concerns & requirements
  • Promptness of work order confirmation and creation
  • Dedicated sincere care and consideration in greeting and being of service
  • Confirmation of previous vehicle history and followup

 Tim’s Top Tips: 16%

Conduct of Business & Expectations

  • Good reputation
  • Reliability, serviceability, and trust
  • Quality of Work
  • Well trained efficient and effective technicians
  • Support of all products & services
  • Fair pricing
  • Fix it right the first time, on time & on budget
  • Option for quick or express service
  • Comfortable client lounge & facilities

 Tim’s Top Tips: 8%

Performance of Service

  • Fixed right the first time
  • Appropriate time of service to effective repairs
  • Quality of work
  • Communication on work status & progress
  • On time completion of work promised
  • Parts available for the repairs or service undertaken
  • Ability to communicate directly with the technician

Tim’s Top Tips: 24%

 After Service & Follow-up

  • Promptness of communication when vehicle is ready
  • Explanation of work performed
  • Accuracy of actual cost versus estimate provided
  • Adequate explanation of service performed and related charges
  • After service follow-up

 Tim’s Top Tips: 20%