Warranty receivables are a challenge for most automotive retailers as they require a significant amount of effort, time and investment with potential risk of non-payment for marginal profit returns. Add to this the challenge of recruiting, hiring, training and retaining skilled, experienced and qualified personnel or in most cases non-qualified or minimally experienced personnel leads to compounding challenges of appropriate and timely execution and delivery of warranty receivables. Beyond the Policies and Procedures most OEM’s offer little or no training compounding this challenge.

There is no reason to deal with warranty claim management in house when there is a simple affordable professional option.

At Tek Biz Coach, we will administer and manage the entire warranty claims process for roughly the cost of a half time employee. Leveraging the advantages and flexibility of the wireless electronic world we process all claims as if we were actually sitting in your retail facility.

We can securely access your dealer management system (DCS), your Original Equipment Manufacturers Dealer Communication System (OEM DCS) as well as utilize the power of the internet through email and electronic document sharing to ensure a seamless flawless process which allows your team to perform their fixed operations roles and responsibilities more effectively, efficiently and productively. We will keep all key members of your team up to date on the status of every claim as well as keeping everybody informed about potential concerns with policies, procedures, documentation and authorization processes.

We will take over all of the current claims in your warranty 263 ledger, audit them, correct them for valid claim submission and get them paid as expeditiously as possible based on all current constraints. Then proceed from this point on.

Benefits of Outsourcing Warranty

Reliability & Dependability

  • Highly trained and experienced personnel
  • Steady consistent approach to the business
  • All claims reviewed and submitted daily
  • All claims requiring corrections submitted within 48 hours with the cooperation of your fixed operations team


  • All retailer work orders are first reviewed for reliability, accuracy and adherence to the Warranty Policies and Procedures requirements of the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) as well as prevailing provincial consumer protection laws and regulations
  • All retailer work orders requiring minor adjustments only will be submitted
  • All retailer work orders requiring major corrections or appropriate review and authorization will be communicated back to the specific personnel for remediation before re-submission.
  • All warranty claims are followed up for re-submission, denial and to ensure retailer is receiving all possible payments
  • Any financial discrepancies with reasons and requirements for adjustment are emailed for review to Service Team Leader, GM and Controller


  • This is a paperless electronic process not requiring all claims being scanned and emailed by your team thus eliminating the possibility of missing claims and non-productive time wasted at your dealership

Cost Effectiveness

  • Our all-inclusive bi-monthly fee for service invoice is based on a mutually agreed percentage of gross dollars on only all paid claims


We will provide daily reports, weekly reports and monthly reports detailing claims processed and approved, claims returned for re-submission, claims requiring further documentation and authorization, claims requiring OEM authorization, as well as attempting to eliminate any denied claims. We will also provide a report on errors, omissions, discrepancies and adjustments to ensure high performance team improvement feedback.