Fixed Operations Development

Service Parts and Accessories Client Service Training

Tek Biz Coach can provide hard skills training with a soft humanistic approach.

Service, Parts & Accessories operations, done right, will assist with client retention after the sale, providing much-needed support with future service by keeping your brand name in front of them regularly. Making sure you have convenient hours, excellent trained service and parts teams, effective and efficient communication which offers benefits to your clients to exceed their expectations consistently.

While you have the successful sale of a vehicle, you’ll soon realize that you have a lot of work to do to keep your clients happy and coming back. Tek Biz Coach is here to help you with this, providing much-needed support with future service and regularly keeping your brand name in front of your clients. We offer convenient hours, trained service and parts teams, and effective efficient communication so you can exceed your client’s expectations and build a strong brand reputation.

The service parts and accessories client service training course prepares you to deliver exceptional client service to your clients, focusing on ensuring that each customer is treated with respect and provided excellent service. Service and parts operations are an integral part of industrial services and are expanding rapidly due to increased global competition and customer expectations for high-quality service. Our training will equip your team with the knowledge and skills to provide exceptional service and support to your customers, including skills for on-the-fly problem-solving, dealing with angry customers and resolving service issues.

When running a successful business, customer retention is one of the most important things to focus on. As a salesperson, you’ve worked hard to build a relationship with your buyer, and now it’s time to close. But instead of calling it a day, you decide to keep your buyer satisfied so they’ll keep coming back. That’s where Fixed Operations come in.

Available Service and Parts Business Development Training :

  • Telephone Call Handling
  • Appointment Handling
  • Service Support
  • Selling Service in the Drive-Thru
  • Parts & Accessories Support
  • Service Retention Management 
  • Service & Parts Team Leader Development

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