Tek Biz Coach is a small privately-owned company providing a full spectrum of custom-crafted training programs, workshops and presentations.

Training services include a full curriculum of entry-level and advanced service consultant, parts consultant, service and parts team leader seminars and workshops. Services include in-dealership training, on-site service and parts department sales process assessments and follow-up new process installation on a special order basis.

I work with companies across industries to help them build amazing high-performing teams. Our training programs are effective because they are built on an evidence-based approach with proven results and are delivered effortlessly and seamlessly.



Our training programs are delivered by an experienced and knowledgeable coach with experience in the retail, corporate, wholesale and automotive fleet industry. We also possess experience in mobile technical field service , from selling service in the drive-thru to service/parts/accessories marketing to service management and dealer operations in any small and medium market.

Tim possesses an Honours BA in Mass Communications and Social Psychology as well as a diploma in Athletic Training & Management. Additionally over 20 years experience providing mobile technical services as well as over 15 years in the automotive fields at the manufacturer wholesale, retail and national fleet levels.

I deliver programs with enthusiasm, intensity and a passion for coaching and achieving measurable results with individuals and organizations. Program facilitation utilizes lectures, group discussions, group exercises, role-playing and written examinations to ensure retention of the training materials. Participants of training programs are provided with the industry’s most comprehensive text-based training manuals that can be used as permanent reference tools long after the training programs are completed. Tek Biz Coach is available to provide support to seminar/workshop graduates long after program conclusion for ongoing support and training assistance via video, text, email and phone.


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