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Tek Biz Coach is a small humble leadership & management consulting company helping business owners achieve their goals.  I specialize in unique and innovative human performance coaching programs which will improve service,  parts, accessories, & warranty support operations development for retail mobile technical service, commercial mobile technical service and motive power businesses.  

As a business performance coach, I deliver training programs and seminars in service support,  parts support,   warranty & goodwill administration, building high-performance teams, client experience leadership and environment, and health and safety leadership.  I accomplish this through creative options and solution-based training programs delivered through web-based seminars and conference call consultations with follow up support offered through video, phone, text and email.

Whether a single proprietor micro business or a small to medium enterprise (SME), a business coach specializing in the motive power and mobile technical client service market aims to help their clients succeed. A consultancy-based approach focuses on providing options and solutions for any business concern. A business coach focuses on understanding the concern, designing solutions to address the concern, and then implementing the solution to enhance the client’s success.

What is your vision for your future? Are you passionate about your brand promise and how it impacts your clients? Are you committed to developing impactful actions that help you fulfill your brand promise? Do you have a continuous systems and process improvement mindset?

Our process of building a client-centric experience begins with a clear vision of the experience we wish our clients to have when interacting with our brand. We then help create a brand promise, which is the statement we make to our clients about the experience they can expect when interacting with our brand. We then set out to implement the most impactful actions and the behaviours we wish to demonstrate in all client interactions. We continue to improve through consistent effort, intention, continual and never ending learning to improve your current operations.

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